黄翔诗歌总集 发布会11/5法拉盛图书馆举办

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皇后圖書館新移民服務部 · 法拉盛圖書館 舉辦
華裔作家新書發表系列 (第16講)


1992—1993年黃翔入選英國世界名人錄和美國傑出人物傳。 1994、2007年兩次獲美國赫爾曼•哈默特(Hellman-Hammett)言論自由作家獎,並曾獲諾貝爾文學獎提名。他創作的“房子詩歌” (House Poem)結合了書寫藝術和詩歌,房子外牆以詩歌和書法裝點。這棟房子因他的詩歌成為匹茲堡藝術博物館(Mattress Factory Art Museum)的人文景點。

法拉盛圖書館 樓下一層, A&B 會議室

Queens Library NAP & Flushing Library Presents

Chinese Author Talk Series (16th)
Huang Xiang & his Poetry Collection

"Huang Xiang Poetry Collection" (1959-2006) e-book was published in September 2017 by World Chinese Publishing and distributed by Google Books worldwide. Huang Xiang is a famous poet of "underground literary" which began in the late 1950s to the peak of the 1970s. A famous poet in China,he started writing poems in 1958. He has never given up "poetic life" spirit and poem writing since he began the "underground" poet even he was put in prison six times because of his work.
In 1992 – 1993, Huang Xiang has been selected for the British World Celebrity and the Biography of United States outstanding figures. In 1994 and 2007, twice he won the United States Hermann Hammett freedom of speech writer award. Huang Xiang was nominated the Nobel Prize for Literature. His "House Poem" combines art of writing with poetry, and the walls of the house are decorated with poetry and calligraphy, which became sightseeing in the city of Pittsburgh.
Huang Xiang’s Poem reading, his painting and display of other publications will be part of the event.

Nov 5, 1 pm. Room A&B.

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