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imageimageimageimageimageimageimage大家好,我叫潞潞,我来自福建省福州市。24年前21 岁的我经媒人介绍嫁到纽约时英文一窍不通。我有一双成年儿女。因为当时在家庭里得不到爱和温暖而离婚。女儿现23岁,是纽约市一名警察。儿子现21岁,今年年底将于大学心理学本科毕业。想起当时边上大学,边打工,边独自扶养一双儿女,这一路走来,虽很艰辛,但很欣慰。生活的琐碎和一直要求自己去进步和成长使得我一路上在不断接受新挑战。我在34岁那一年毕业于大学本科会计专业,也于同年成为市政府正式员工。现是纽约市环保局两个部门的经理。记得2004年我大学毕业后,带着一双儿女回到中国见到我父亲时,没想到他说出的一句话勾起我心头一阵酸楚:“你终于大学毕业了,我在你小时候没对你像你现在对你孩子那么好.” 我旋即转身,因为泪水流了下来!那时的他可能明白了:批评和责骂,能让天才变白痴。鼓励和赞美能让白痴变天才!我来纽约后一路都遇到贵人的支持和帮助,让我不断成长和修炼。现在的我很快乐,闲时练练空手道和瑜伽,学学唱歌和跳舞,看看提高情商的书,听听名人成长的故事。我现在终于理解了:任何人没有义务使我们快乐。自己的充实和踏实,才是真正的快乐。我们必须先快乐着,并能将这些快乐和别人分享着!我若盛开,蝴蝶自来!感谢Lina女士主办的辣妈竞芳华,觉得这个节目既能给自己一个提升自我和认识新朋友的机会,又能圆圆年轻时大陆不允许选秀的梦?!谢谢大家??
Hi, everyone, my name is Lu Liu. I came from Fuzhou, Fujian, China. I had an arranged marriage and migrated to New York in 1992. Growing up in China with a very rough childhood, I was hoping I could do more and live better in the US. I was married as a piece of property who was not encouraged to have independent thoughts. I had a lot of difficult challenges. I always questioned the way in which I was brought up as a woman and the way I was treated in my marriage. I felt, "I'm a human being, and there were no human feelings." In 1997, I decided to end my marriage and the divorce was finalized in 1999. At that time, I couldn't speak English. So, I worked as a restaurant hostess and cashier for few years in Flushing. I rented a room with my daughter in someone's house and went to school while working and attending college while fighting in court to regain custody of my son from his father. In 2001, I was hired as a college aid to work for the city. The year 2004 was a turning point in my life. In 2004, I got my bachelors degree with a major in Accounting and finally won my court battle regaining custody of my son. The same year, I passed the civil service exam for Staff Analyst and I was officially hired as a city employee. In 2004 I became a truly confident and happy woman. I brought my children to China to visit my father that year. One day, my father said to me, "You finally became a college graduate. (That was his dream for himself and one that he never achieved.) I know I didn't treat you as good as you treat your children." I turned my head, I couldn't let him see my tears. He didn't understand that criticism and blame creates an environment where a genius can become an idiot; just as encouragement and praise could make an idiot become a genius. He passed away last year. His life was full of regrets and disappointments. I promised myself that I would not live my life the way he did. Growing into the person I was meant to be in the US has broaden my vision and enhanced my life skills. NYC is like my second hometown. I was taught to love and to be loved; to respect and to be respected; to give and to forgive. Now, I'm happy and content with my life. In my leisure time, I practice karate and yoga; listen to and learn from successful people's story; read philosophical books and practice to be balanced emotionally and spiritually. I love traveling,dancing and singing. I now understand that no one is obligated to make us happy. We must be complete and happy, then we are able to share such happiness with others and one more thing: NEVER STOP LEARNING.