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美国繁榮華埠总会舉辦 "第三屆全美繁榮亞裔青少年才藝大赛"
準决赛/决赛: 金豐大酒樓 Better Chinatown USA is organizing
"The 3rd U.S Asian American Youth Talent Competition"
Friday, June 29th, at Jing Fong Restaurant 20 Elizabeth Street, Chinatown, NYC.

*** Preliminary 初赛 :
* 6/16 Saturday at 137-10 Laburnum Ave. 1st floor
(Qipao Assoc 中国旗袍纽约總会) Flushing 1-4:00pm
* 6/17 Sunday at 5010-8ave 2nd fl. Brooklyn. (Circle Studios 爱藝中心) 3-6pm

* (preliminary could be waived directly into semi-final if provided performance video to organizer, get top 3 talent finish award during 2017-18 or by dance & music school recommendations)

*** Semi Finals 準决赛: held from 1:00pm- 5:30pm
*** Finals 美东决赛: held from 6:30pm-10pm. * both semi & final on 6-29-18

*** The competition is for youths ages 5-19 比赛年岁 (4 age groups 分4组比赛)
in Dance: (Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballroom, Folk), Vocal, Instrumental, Martial Arts & more.

Any student can enter more than once in a different category or the same category, they can be solos, duets, trios or groups of 4& more.

*** National Finals is targeted for Oct-Nov. 全美决赛. location (NYC), date & times TBA. Top 8 performers will have chance be invited to tour, compete& perform in China TV program in 2019. 全美决赛在10或11月, 地點時间再通知. 最高優勝前 8名有機會代表美国回中国表演/比赛、

*** Prizes will include China plane ticket, scholarship & City & State Officials Outstanding Performance Certificate.
獎品包括 2張中国來回機票, 奖學金及社區民選官员優勝表揚状、

*** Fees 報名费: $35 per (include preliminary & 6/29 semi & final competition, not including banquet (+$28 for each to compete in additional contest category)
包初赛, 準决赛, 美东决赛 - 不包餐费)

* Registrar Deadline 報名日期: 6/12/18 * late fee
Application, release forms can be obtained from our website: BetterChinatown.com or request via email: aaytcnyc@gmail.com or by phone: 201-960-3106.

* all checks mail to: Better Chinatown
217 Centre St. #183. NY, NY, 10013