绽放爱心 辣出精彩 —辣妈竞芳华 爱心阅读公益活动9/11在图书馆举行

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辣妈的核心精神是 坚强,爱生活,爱学习,正能量,我们希望通过这个活动给所有妈妈做个好榜样,不但要提升外表的美丽,更要提升精神的美丽,第三届纽约辣妈竞芳华 首个公益活动将于9/11 下午1-4点在法拉盛图书馆三楼举办,将由 儿童教育学硕士的1号辣妈蔚蓝 联同辣妈们为儿童进行 爱心阅读!欢迎有4-10 岁儿童的家长带小朋友免费参加!

Reading With Love
Date: 9/11
Time Frame: 1-4 pm
Destination: flushing library
Targeted Age Group: Children 4-10 years old
Requirements: Children must be accompanied by parents and/or caregivers
Proposal Event: Reading with love with children and their parents
Highlights: To show the importance of reading each and everyday
To provide proper reading strategies for each attended family (questioning techniques)
Each attended child is provided with a storybook as gift
Purpose: To share the love of reading and its importance for children and their parents
A) Introduction: Share the importance of reading
B) Different age groups of reading: Group 1----------- 4 – 6 years old
Group 2------------ 7-10 years old
C) Whole Group: Share the importance of parents’/caregivers’ role in reading with children
Provide proper reading strategies with parents/caregivers and their children
D) Partner Reading: Using proper questioning techniques, adults read with children
E) *Activities: Arts and Crafts related to one of our books (*optional – Time Given*)
F) Whole Group Share Out: Useful Things We’ve Learned Today