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imageFrankie P (黃浩龍) 大家好,我係Frankie(黃浩龍)。我係一個喺美國波士頓出世嘅意大利人。我細個嗰陣已經好鍾意睇八,九十年代嘅香港電影,特別係鍾意有劉德華,張學友,張國榮,許冠傑主演嘅電影。所以,我愛上咗廣東話,粵語流行曲同粵語嘅文化。一有時間我就會去同朋友傾計,睇戲、睇書、聽歌,不斷去自學講、學睇同學寫廣東話,並且透過唱粵語卡拉OK去自我進修廣東話。後嚟我發現自己對唱歌同表演有好濃厚嘅興趣,於是我參加呢個比賽,希望有機會去到中國廣東,證明我對廣東話嘅語言能力,同埋推廣畀全世界嘅人認識廣東話。我好希望大家到時可以到場喺總決賽支持我,好多謝一路以嚟支持同鼓勵我嘅人!!

Hello everyone, my name is Frankie. I am an American born Italian from Boston Massachusetts. When I was younger, I really enjoyed watching old Hong Kong movies from the 80s and the 90s, especially movies starring Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Leslie Cheung, and Samuel Hui. As a result, I fell in love with the Cantonese language, music, and culture. I gradually began to teach myself how to speak, read, and write Cantonese by chatting with my friends, watching movies, reading books, listening to music and by singing Cantonese karaoke. It was through singing Cantonese karaoke that I discovered my talent and passion for singing and performing. Therefore, I have entered this contest in order to win a trip to China to showcase my Cantonese language ability, and to promote Cantonese and Cantopop to the people of the world. I hope that you will all come to support me in the final. Thank you all very much for your consideration and support.