世界500强的Quality Assurance Tester

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本期【职点推手】的内推机会来自著名500强企业的Quality Assurance Tester,欢迎感兴趣的同学发送简历至[email protected],记得注明来自职点迷津哦!
As a Quality Assurance Tester, you will perform limited scope and end to end system tests. You will also develop test scripts based upon business requirements and processes, in line with defined workflows and use cases; process transactions from system entry to exit; test functionality delivered across applications and workflows; and test applications to demonstrate that relevant existing system functionality is as expected.
Additional responsibilities include:
-  Assist in designing and ensuring overall integrity of the testing strategy.
-  Work with appropriate business and technology leads to determine the acceptable range for test results and performance.
-  Help design, develop and implement test plans, scripts, and tools using the detailed business requirements document provided by the business analysts.
-  Work with business and technology leads to identify the appropriate data for testing, and prepare that data for the test cases.
-  Assist Application Developers and Escorts NYC and Manhattan Escorts, technical support staff in identifying and resolving problems.
-  Facilitate resolution and communication of cross-application/organization architectural issues and decisions.
-  Assess and revise test sequence and scope based upon test results and/or changes in product design.
-  Coordinate component, system and documentation testing with the appropriate technical groups and Release Management.
-  Document test procedures and findings.
-  Reconcile test results from different tests and different groups.
-  Assess readiness and deviation of product/project performance based upon test results and product specifications.
-  Perform the tests in both the QA and contingency/backup environments.