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职位:Paid Marketing Internship
公司:Red Rooster Group - New York, NY
地点:New York, NY
薪水:$10.00 /hour
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Work on Meaningful Projects Using a Range of Marketing and Design Services
We are an award-winning firm that is re-defining marketing for the nonprofit sector - combining strategy on how to best reach donors, competitive research on what other organizations are doing, and developing the best creative in branding and logos, websites, brochures and publications, and online strategies.
If you are passionate about making the world a better place and want to help nonprofit organizations improve the effectiveness of their marketing and fundraising, Red Rooster Group is the place to be. You will work alongside experienced marketing professionals and will be considered a valuable member of our team. Our interns get hands-on experience that contributes to their professional development.
Ideally we will hire one intern for the market research and proposal-development support roles, with the second intern supporting the social and digital media recommendations and content development. We are looking for interns to start immediately.


Our interns will get involved with the following types of projects:
Conduct market research for our clients.
Analyze clients’ marketing objectives and develop marketing strategies.
Sit in on client meetings.
Develop website strategies, sitemaps and wireframes.
Understand Best Practices being used with social and digital platforms and be able to recommend appropriate campaigns for our nonprofit clients.
Write news releases and handle public relations outreach.
Establish our video series.
Develop a brand evaluation kit.
Write content for brochures and blog posts.
And many other marketing aspects of client projects.


We welcome intelligent, driven individuals who are looking to learn and develop their skills. Our culture is one which prides itself on supporting our interns to develop in the areas that they want to improve upon.


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