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Three internships at Fit In Stand Out

Three Internship Immediately Available


Fit In Stand Out, the fast-growing Chicago-based Career and Culture training company has openings for three unpaid interns. The positions are:


  • Social Media Intern
  • Writer / Editor Intern
  • Business Research/Database Intern


The positions are available immediately and run through May. They require a minimum commitment of eight hours a week.


A modest stipend will be provided for travel costs. Most of work will be done at home with a weekly one-hour visit with FISO executives downtown.


The interns will attend FISO training sessions and events at no cost.


We believe in providing interns with a valuable learning experience regarding U.S. business practices.


Social Media Intern


Responsibilities include:


  • Coordinating and posting content on Chinese social media such as We Chat (at least 3 articles a week)
  • Create and monitor analytics for the posts.
  • Coordinate social media postings with our website.
  • Provide weekly reports for Fit In Stand Out (FISO) executives


The position reports to the CEO and VP of product development.


Writer/Editor Intern


Responsibilities include:


  • Writing of some articles based on input from company executives
  • Translating English into Chinese and visa versa
  • Coordinating with social media intern regarding posting of articles


The position reports to the CEO and VP of product development.


Business Research/Database Maintenance Intern


Responsibilities include:


  • Conducting research to be used for developing products and the company’s business plan.
  • Conducting research to be used in articles to be posted on social media and in the company’s website.
  • Maintaining and improving the company’s CRM / database.


The positions report to the CEO and VP of product development.


Please send your English Resume/CV directly to [email protected]