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会计专业的童鞋看过来!现在有个工作机会,地点在LA,年薪5w-7w,表现出色办H1b。我们现在可以内推,需要会计背景的,有点工作经验的童鞋(虽说是要求2年工作经验,但是如果有强有力的实习背景也是很赞的candidate哟)。感兴趣的发简历至我们的客服邮箱[email protected],我们会及时和你联系!速度速度,你的工作就要找到了!!
以下是详细的Job Description:

About the Job

A highly respected growth oriented public accounting firm is seeking 10 Intermediate – Senior Accountants with 2 plus years of experience in public accounting for our Assurance ServicesDepartment.  We recognize excellence and reward it.
Successful candidates will have recent public accounting experience, strong computer skills, experience in financial statement preparation and review.
Under direct oversight, the Assurance Services Senior Accountant is responsible for performing audit reviews, compilations, financial statement preparation, and other duties as assigned.
Other Responsibilities for this position include:
·         Recognize, research, document and satisfactorily resolve technical accounting issues
·         Supervise/mentor team members assigned to client engagements and/or assignments
·         Consult with/for clients
·         Work closely with and directly communicate with partners, managers, team members, in addition to client personnel
·          Records transactions in ledgers, prepares trial balances and simple financial statements
·         using computer software program.
·          Reconciles accounts to control accounts.
·          Performs audit or review procedures as assigned by supervisors.
·         Prepares payroll tax, sales or other local tax and certain personal income tax returns.
Performs other accounting, auditing and tax duties as needed in engagements and as
·         assigned by supervisory personnel.
·         Consult with/for clients
·         Work closely with and directly communicate with partners, managers, team members, in addition to client personnel
Occasional out-of-town travel with overnight stay for work at clients, meetings, or seminars
using a personal vehicle.
Occasional overtime work required throughout the year. Heavy overtime work required from
January 1 to April 15, may be in excess of 55 hours per week.
Minimal Hazards. General office working conditions.
Preferred experience/background/skills:
·         2 plus years of auditing experience
·         Public accounting experience is required
·         Strong technical skills including the ability to effectively utilize technology and the commitment to learning in the technology environment
·         A working knowledge and understanding of the following topics:
o   Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
·         Excellent analytical and leadership ability
·         Have the ability to meet challenging client requirements and possess strong communication (verbal and written), interpersonal, analytical and research abilities
·         Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs (Word and Excel required)